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Please volunteer for something!

Hosting a meeting

  • Bluespec is willing to host a meeting at our offices in Waltham center (accessible via the 70/70A and a few other buses as well as commuter rail)
  • Sun could likely host a meeting in our conference center, but public transit accessibility isn't as good (there's the 351 bus, but it only runs during prevailing reverse-commute hours in one direction).

Presenting at a meeting

  • Ravi Nanavati is willing to present on the monadic trickery I used to implement primBuildModule in Bluespec
  • Jan-Willem Maessen is willing to present a talk on splittable supplies (basic) and/or on eager evaluation of Haskell programs (advance). I could probably also gin something up on basic Haskell compiler optimizations (high-level stuff, like how specialization works and so forth).
  • Nikhil is willing to present on "Pipeline Combinators" using Bluespec

Finding people to present at a meeting

  • Ravi Nanavati is willing to poke his Bluespec colleagues to present interesting things they know about (e.g. our Haskell / Tcl interface built on the FFI, our numeric type system, etc.)
  • Try poking Arvind and his students, Joe Stoy, or Nikhil [Jan here: I'm willing to do this, though Ravi may be a better choice for Nikhil and Joe]. Also Jacob Schwartz. [Nikhil here:] Don't forget Jeff Newbern at Bluespec, the author of a Monads tutorial on haskell .org!
  • [Nikhil here] Consider me poked. I will spread the word within Bluespec (Ravi is preoccupied at the moment as a new father!).


  • Saketh wants to volunteer for something, but is a Haskell newbie, and so is not sure what he can contribute.