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This is a list of attendees for DHD >>= UHac.

If you have registered, please consider adding yourself to the list. Your contact and travel information may help with coordination between participants.

If you live around Utrecht or plan to commute from home each day, you may put "Local" for accommodation.

IRC Nickname Real Name (Affl) Mobile # Arrive Depart Accommodation
leather Sean Leather (UU) +31616158163 Local
norm2782 Jurriën Stutterheim (UU) +31642392944 Local
ruud Ruud Koot (UU) +31623024223 Local
kosmikus Andres Löh (Well-Typed LLP) probably Fri morning probably Mon morning Hotel Oorsprongpark
solirc Simon Hengel +4917661064074 Wednesday Monday
dreixel José Pedro Magalhães (UU) +31650459029 Local
marczoid Marc van Zee (UU) +31633610518 Local
paba Patrick Bahr (University of Copenhagen) Local
toothbrush Paul van der Walt (UU) +31614681351 Local
spockz Alessandro Vermeulen (UU) +31646165747 Local
wlad Vlad Hanciuta
gcollins Gregory Collins (Google) +41 79 441 6832 Karel V Hotel
Pascal Hof
jaspervdj Jasper Van der Jeugt +32 476 26 48 47 Couchsurfing
cameleon Erik Hesselink +31 6 50 994 887 Local
sjoerd_visscher Sjoerd Visscher +31 6 1508 4368 Local
mklinik Markus Klinik +4917666101511 Wednesday Sunday
Jurriaan Hage +31 611191976 Local
ncs Nikos Savvidis (UU) +31644321424 Local
Henk-Jan van Tuyl Local (travelling from Rotterdam, DHD only)
sfvisser Sebastiaan Visser +31624828951 Local
dcoutts Duncan Coutts (Well-Typed LLP)
igloo Ian Lynagh (Well-Typed LLP)
cies Cies B Local
Patrick Weemeeuw +32495590214 Friday morning Friday evening Traveling from Leuven (BE)
Jan Bessai Friday Sunday
Edsko de Vries
laar Lars Corbijn Local (travelling from Hengelo)
George Fourtounis Local
Victor Denisov Hotel de Admiraal
Sjoerd Timmer +31620086456 Local
nicmo Augusto Passalaqua (UU) +31644079781 Local
pcapriotti Paolo Capriotti (Well-Typed LLP)
Martijn van Steenbergen Local
Feuerbach Roman Cheplyaka +380662285780 Thursday evening Sunday evening or Monday Hostel Utrecht
arthurbaars Arthur Baars (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) +34646338710 / +31619985530 Thursday Monday Local
stefanooldeman Stefano Oldeman Friday morning Friday eve Local
Nikolaos Bezirgiannis (UU) +31626845888 Local
Tom Lokhorst (Q42) Local
Ruben de Gooijer (UU) +31 615462690 Local
Bram Schuur (UU) +31 644553557 Local
Stanislav Chernichkin +7 910 484 42 08 19.04 23.04 B&B Utrecht City Center
gdijkstra Gabe Dijkstra (UU) Local
Jeroen Bransen (UU) Local
Atze Dijkstra (UU) Local
doaitse Doaitse Swierstra (UU) +31 6 4613 6929 Local
Wouter Swierstra (UU) Local
xnyhps Thijs Alkemade (UU) Local
Janis Voigtländer (Uni Bonn)
joachifm Joachim Fasting (University of Oslo) Friday Sunday morning Kilim Bed and Breakfast
João Alpuim (UU) +31644309572 Local
basvandijk Bas van Dijk (Erudify) +41 791 285 624 Friday morning Sunday evening
roelvandijk Roel van Dijk (RUN) +31 6 12856453 Saturday morning Sunday evening
ahax Adrien Haxaire Saturday morning Saturday evening local
Frank Versnel Friday morning Friday evening local
Steven Keuchel Friday noon Sunday evening