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Frequently functions appear in pairs like hOpen and hClose, read and show and so on. Libraries are a lot easier to use if they use a consistent scheme of names for related functions. It is even better if many libraries would share the same scheme. This can be useful both for designing function names and for easy guessing of the counterpart of some function.

Here is a collection of some pairs of identifiers I stumbled on in AmigaOS, MUI, Modula-3, Haskell libraries, and C++ STL. This could be a basis for further discussion.

It would be great if the discussion lead to a more streamlined collection where for instance some duplicates are removed.

Create Delete
New Dispose
Construct Destruct
Alloc Free
Obtain Release Attempt
Lock UnLock
Procure Vacate
Forbid Permit
Disable Enable
Put Get
Set Get
Write Read
Poke Peek
Open Close
Save Load
Load UnLoad
Init Exit
Setup Cleanup
Show Hide
Insert Remove
Add Rem
Push Pull
Push Pop
Start Stop Size
Begin End Length
First Last Number
Head Tail
Front Back
Top Bottom
Fmt Lex
Input Output