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This page provides a list of missing and found libraries for solving common real world programmer tasks.

If you think there should be a library for some common task, add it to this page, and someone may well step up and write it. If you know of a library to solve an open problem domain, link to it.

Please add your proposals to the Haskell Proposals reddit, which allows voting and commenting on each new project idea.

The first place to look is the full libraries list.

If you have code that improves on something in the base libraries, you might consider submitting it to the libraries process, so it can appear in the standard libraries.

Existing libraries (by problem domain)

See the full libraries list.


See GUI libraries

High performance string IO

See String libraries

Binary IO

See Binary IO


See Compressing data


See Crypto libraries

Web frameworks

See Web frameworks

XML processing

See XML handling

Database access

See Databases

Libraries to package

Several cool libraries are out there, not yet in hackage / cabal format. Some on the hitlist , that would be great to package up would be:

C libraries

C libraries are often very popular, and cheap to bind to. A good task would be to just write bindings to C libraries, sorted by popularity.

Possible library rankings are provided by: