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What does "Lisp solution?" mean? Lots of them are listed "Yes", and lots are listed "No", but I can't detect a difference between these entries... -- dmwit

It's just whether or not there's a lisp solution available. If you go to the description of the problem, and click on the problem number, it'll either link you to actual lisp code, or a "not found" page. There are 25 of them which actually have lisp code available. -- chessguy

What is the meaning of that scoreboard? Even though there is no solution on the L-99 site, there may still exist a LISP solution, even a trivial one. And since that L-99 site is no wiki and this site is, the scoreboard seems just misleading to me.

Just an example for Problem 12:

(defun decode-modified (list)
  (reduce #'append
          (mapcar (lambda (item)
                    (if (atom item)
                        (list item)
                        (make-list (car item) :initial-element (cadr item))))

-- roerd

I am planning on going through the questions and rewording them so that the argument order is different. Often the lisp solution has the reverse order as a standard Haskell solution. It seems like asking for the more curry friendly solution would teach good coding style.

If you think you have a reasonable objection let me know.
--Davorak 19:53, 15 December 2010 (UTC)

Also I think it would be beneficial to change the example answers so that the functions that index lists naturally start at 0.
--Davorak 20:15, 15 December 2010 (UTC)