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Praise etc.

We don't need to explicitly or implicitly praise particular tutorials or assign a greater weight to them, since there's disagreement about what counts as good.

Our chronologically first entry in a list of dozens was labelled the be-all end-all of monad tutorials. I've removed that.

I've also removed "Older tutorials are especially interesting." It was attached to "please update this list" -- that is, "update this list, especially if you find very early tutorials" and not "early tutorials are the ones most worth reading".

I'm removing the following Milewski quote added by Rrichter (who kindly added the Milewski link to the list).

The existence of this page also indicates that a observation made by one of the tutorial authors is actually correct: seems like every programmer who gets monads posts a tutorial about them. (And each post begins with: There’s already a lot of monad tutorials on the Internet, but...) The reason is that getting monads it’s like a spiritual experience that you want to share with others. (Bartosz Milewski)

Sure, that's one possible explanation. But there are many others. And this explanation advances a view of monads as "magical sources of enlightenment", which a large number of articles explicitly reject (those articles often advance the view that you already understand and use monads, or that understanding monads is amazing only in that you realize there's nothing much to understand).

We can give guidance objectively by quoting the article's definition of monads. I've done ctrl-f "monads are" "monad is" and failing that "monad" on a number of articles to get such quotes. iddingsu 21:02, 18 August 2012 (UTC)