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Wow, you mean someone is actually interested in me? :o

What I do

I'm currently doing a PhD at ANU under the supervision of Professor Brendan McKay.

Code I write

I'm responsible for the following Haskell software packages:

  • Graphalyz Library for using graphs to analyse the relationships inherent in discrete data (used by SourceGraph).
  • Gentoo#haskell-updater (along with the rest of the Gentoo-Haskell team, though I started it and am the main developer: the others are too scared of me to make changes! :p).

Un-released code

For my sins, ever since I started my honours in mathematics, I've been writing more and more graph-related code. Here's a sample of what I'm doing:

  • An implementation of nauty in Haskell (yes, I know about hgal, but it's slow and unmaintained). Work on this is halted until the generic graph classes are sorted out (and when I can pry some time out from hacking on graphviz, etc.).

Not quite code, but still...

  • I'm an unofficial developer in the Gentoo-Haskell team (which means I write a lot of ebuilds for it, but haven't bothered to make it official). My work on haskell-updater grew out of my frustration at having to manually rebuild packages.