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abbot.galois.com is the current physical machine that hosts several widely used Haskell virtual hosts:
* cvs.haskell.org
* darcs.haskell.org
* hackage.haskell.org
This page is intended to be the document that outlines the practices and procedures used to maintain abbot. Additionally, it may contain information about downtimes and upgrades.
== Platform Notes ==
abbot is an HP ProLiant DL120 G6 equipped with
* quad-core 2.40GHz Xeon X3430 processor
* 8 GB RAM
* 680GB RAID-1 filesystem
* Debian lenny amd64
Most user-maintained directory trees are backed up nightly: /etc, /home, /opt, /srv, /usr/local, and /var.
Questions or requests for help can be addressed to haskell-infrastructure@community.galois.com.
== Account Creation ==
Once someone has been approved for an account, the new user should submit three items:
# a preferred username
# a valid public SSH key: password logins are discouraged and may be disallowed in the future
# an e-mail address: abbot does not spool mail; outbound mail needs to be rewritten with a valid off-site address
When those are received, the account can be created:
# <tt>adduser --disabled-password --gecos "Full Name" newuser</tt>
# <tt>chmod -R go-rwx /home/newuser</tt>
# Add new user to any necessary supplementary groups: cvs, haskell, hackage, ...
# install public SSH key as <tt>/home/newuser/.ssh/authorized_keys</tt>
# add off-site e-mail address to <tt>/etc/aliases</tt> and <tt>/etc/email-addresses</tt>
A user password should only be created when that person needs <tt>sudo</tt> privileges.
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