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On June the 9th, Microsoft Research sent out an advert for job. This job involves maintaining the Glorious Glasgow Compiler, and created quite a stir in the Haskell community: It's the job we've all been hoping for! After a while the CV's were sent, and Microsoft Research has now invited several Haskellers for an interview at Cambridge, UK.

This event has been recognized as a great opportunity for a Haskell gathering and we hereby invite all Haskellers (and other cool people) to a fun couple of days in Cambridge.

Definite attendees:

  • Lemmih (anytime between 31st of July to 11th of August, can stay for a couple of days)
  • PhilippaCowderoy (barring emergencies, can hang around)

Possible attendees:

  • ndm (anytime except for: 4th and 6th-11th of August, can stay forever, apart from those times)
  • dcoutts (depends on the date)
  • xerox (depends on the date)


  • Are there places we can crash, rooms we can share?
  • If dcoutts goes then he can probably offer floor space to a few.


  • MSR might provide some space for AngloHaskellers to hang out during the day, w/ wireless network access.