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On June the 9th, Microsoft Research sent out an advert for job. This job involves maintaining the Glorious Glasgow Compiler, and created quite a stir in the Haskell community: It's the job we've all been hoping for! After a while the CV's were sent, and Microsoft Research has now invited several Haskellers for an interview at Cambridge, UK.

This event has been recognized as a great opportunity for a Haskell gathering and we hereby invite all Haskellers (and other cool people) to a fun couple of days in Cambridge.


  • Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of August.

Contact person: Shae Erisson - +46 70 3915045

If you're coming into Cambridge by train and want to join in the fun, call Shae at the number above.

Definite attendees:

  • Simon Peyton-Jones and Simon Marlow (Friday only)
  • Lemmih (will arrive the 2nd and leave the 6th)
  • PhilippaCowderoy (barring emergencies, can hang around)
  • ShaeErisson (can stay for a couple of days)
  • Peter Nuttall (am around from the 26 July onwards, baring the 3rd when I'm in ipswitch)
  • genneth (am in Cambridge anyway)
  • GaneshSittampalam (for at least some of the time)
  • Neil Mitchell - ndm (can come for the 5th, if I can have some floor space)
  • Liyang HU
  • greenrd

Possible attendees:

  • dcoutts (depends on the date)
  • xerox (depends on the date)
  • GK (depends on the date; it'd be great to meet some of the wonderful Haskell community folks)
  • EdwinBrady (depends on the date; would probably stay a couple of days)
  • vincenz (depends on the date, preferably a day or two, partially weekend)
    • Would need details in advance to reserve ticket for EUROSTAR
  • Paul Johnson (paj) (paul at cogito dot org dot uk)
    • Almost certain. Looking for crash space or pointer to nearby cheap hotel


  • Are there places we can crash, rooms we can share?
    • If dcoutts goes then he can probably offer floor space to a few.
    • I (psnl) have 14 sq metres of floor crash space in a college.


  • Is there a more concrete plan? What exactly are we doing?
    • Planning is taking place on IRC: #anglohaskell on
    • Talks:
      • greenrd wants to talk about simulating dependent types in Haskell
      • Lemmih could give a short talk on breakpoints in GHC
      • Liyang is prepared to wave his arms in the air while not making much sense about idiomatic programming (and not just the applicative idioms you've witnessed previously...) with an additional helping of memoisation.
    • some kind of coding / pair programming? Maybe set aside one of the two days for this?


  • Please could everyone bring or make a nametag that identifies you by your real name and/or IRC name.