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Project: CodeWorld
Description: Educational computer programming environment using Haskell
Maintainers/liaisons: Chris Smith

What It Is

CodeWorld is a web-based development system for Haskell programming in education. The web site provides a code editor, in-browser preview, and options to load and save programming projects. The library is inspired by Gloss, and provides a purely functional API for drawing pictures, animations, and interactive programs.

The main intent of CodeWorld is to be used for middle school aged children. Because of this, it defaults to a simplified variant of Haskell. However, a full Haskell version is available and widely used.


Installation is done by cloning the repository, and then running, then, and finally Be aware that running will delete your ~/.ghc directory!

Installing takes some time (mostly building and installing node.js and GHCJS), but only needs to be done once. Future changes can just run the build and run scripts, which is considerably faster. I'll be happy to help with this process, either at BayHac or earlier.

Possible Projects

CodeWorld is a large project, and has a lot going on. Here's a list of tasks of reasonable scope for a weekend.

  • Improving the editor with better autocomplete (bug, bug), links between declarations and usage (bug), or other editor features (bug, bug).
  • Exporting drawings and animations to image files, animated gifs, or video files. (bug)
  • Debugging features (bug, bug, bug)
  • Better support for console-mode programs. (bug)
  • Constructive area geometry (bug)
  • Switch to WebRTC for multi-player games (bug)

There are other possibilities, as well, if none of this catches your eye.