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Some books and links listed here can be found also in the articles of Theoretical foundations category

Practical Foundations of Mathematics
Paul Taylor. Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0-521-63107-6, xii+576 pages, September 2000.
Toposes, Triples and Theories
Michael Barr and Charles Wells. The revised version of their formerly Springer Verlag published book is online for free download. Note that they use the name triple instead of monad.

Research papers

Formal Languages and Automata, Grammars and Parsing using Haskell

  • Grammars and Parsing by Johan Jeuring and Doaitse Swierstra is available:

- Download and take a look to the following:

    • 3.1 The type 'Parser' pp 47
    • 3.2 Elementary parsers pp 49
    • 3.3 Parser combinator pp 52
    • 5.1 Finite state automata pp 85