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August 12-14, 2011

Cambridge, UK


Come and spend a weekend in Cambridge hacking Haskell code in great scenery with fantastic company! Haskell Hackathons are a tradition where everyone involved in the Haskell community is welcome; we get together, work on projects with others or just do your own thing, the overall goal being to improve the Haskell ecosystem.

CamHac will be held from 12-14 August 2011, at Homerton College in Cambridge. As with previous Hackathons, all are welcome -- you do not have to be a Haskell guru. All you need is a basic knowledge of Haskell, a willingness to learn, and a project you're excited to help with (or a project of your own to work on).

There will be lots of hacking, good food, and, of course, fun!

  • Organiser: Simon Marlow <>, JaffaCake on IRC
  • Mailing list:
  • IRC channel: #ghc on FreeNode


(details to follow)

The venue is limited to 50 people, and registration is first-come first-served, so register quickly to reserve your place!


We're in the Horobin Room of Homerton Conference Centre. It is about 20 minutes walk from the train station, and Cambridge town centre is about 30 minutes walk.

There will be WiFi access.

There will be a projector for giving talks/demos. We will probably reserve a part of the time for talks and demos.


Tea and coffee will be supplied. We will have to go out to find lunch, but there are various places to eat and buy food at the Cambridge Leisure Park a few minutes walk towards Cambridge town centre. In the evening we will probably head towards the town where there are plenty of good restaurants.


How to find the venue


VisitCambridge: Where to Stay in Cambridge

The nearest hotels to the venue seem to be:

If you contact any of the above and find they're booked up, please remove them from the list.

Microsoft Research recommends the following hotels to visitors, these are closer to the city centre but are probably a lot more expensive than those above:


Use this space to list projects you are interested in working on, and add your name to projects you are interested in helping with.


  • Simon Marlow
  • Add your name here, once registered...