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Disciple is an explicitly lazy dialect of Haskell which supports destructive update, computational effects, type directed field projections and some other useful things.

Disciple vs Haskell

Some example code showing most of the extensions, and it's output, core and C-code

The Disciplined Disciple Compiler

  • Uses a typed core language which includes effect, closure, region and mutability information.
  • This extended type information is used to allow code-transformation style optimizations in the presence of side effects and mutable objects.
  • Compiles via standard C99, so is highly portable.
  • Compiles cleanly on linux-x86 and darwin-x86 (tested on Mac OS X 10.5.2)
  • Is in a usable alpha state.

Get the Source

Use darcs to get the repo from code.haskell.org

   darcs get http://code.haskell.org/~benl/disciple-alpha1

Alternatively, download the source tar-ball from Google code


Check the ReleaseNotes and INSTALL and HACKING instructions.

Contact the Maintainers