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Haskell support on various Linux distributions. How to find Haskell applications and tools, contribute new packages, and get help for your distribution.

Mostly distributions should provide:

  • GHC
  • Core libraries
  • Core development tools
  • Cabal and cabal-install

Optionally they provide parts of the emerging Haskell Platform.

Arch Haskell


Main Arch Haskell site

Wiki Arch Haskell Wiki
Blog Arch Haskell Blog
IRC #arch-haskell @
Applications Haskell applications provided on Arch Linux
Libraries Haskell libraries on Arch Linux
Tools cabal2arch

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian Gnu/Linux provides a good toolchain for Haskell development


About and main page

  • Libraries:
  • Applications:
  • Mailing list:
  • IRC channel: The #fedora-haskell IRC channel.




IRC #gentoo-haskell @
Applications Haskell applications and libraries provided on Gentoo Linux
Tools hackport

Slackware Linux

Slackware does not have official Haskell support.

An unofficial Slackware repository for Haskell tools, library and programs is available here. This repository works with slapt-get and swaret.

Tools: slackbuild


This is pretty much the same as Debian, providing you add the 'universe' and/or 'multiverse' repositories, which import Debian packages and recompile them to match Ubuntu dependencies. The exact versions of packages may be different from Debian, but they tend to be ahead of Debian stable (sometimes by a long way).