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Gentoo Linux has fairly good support for Haskell.

There are packages for GHC and for quite a few libraries and tools. There are also packages for other Haskell implementations like Hugs98 and Helium.

You can check the currently available versions of packages:

There is support for most packages on several architectures: x86, amd64, sparc, ppc and ppc64. There is support for some packages on alpha and hppa.

Gentoo Haskell Overlay

If you want the most up to date (but also most untested) packages you can use the Gentoo Haskell Overlay. "Overlays" are package trees for Portage. They contain additional ebuilds for Gentoo. They are maintained by Gentoo developers, but are distributed separately from the main Portage tree. Haskell has its own dedicated overlay containing lots of haskell projects. See the Gentoo Overlays: Users' Guide for how to use overlays.

Support and bugs

  • Bugs should be reported in the Gentoo bugzilla.
  • There is a #gentoo-haskell IRC channel on for people interested in developing and testing haskell-related ebuilds.

Filing bugs can also be used to ask for new packages or new versions of existing packages. We would like to encourage users to suggest any packages they feel are useful but are currently not included in portage (though note that we generally only package released versions of software where there are tarballs available and where there is an expectation that the software will be maintained).