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The Haskell XML Toolbox (HXT) is a collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell. The core component of the Haskell XML Toolbox is a domain specific language, consisting of a set of combinators, for processing XML trees in a simple and elegant way. The combinator library is based on the concept of arrows. The main component is a validating and namespace aware XML-Parser that supports almost fully the XML 1.0 Standard. Extensions are a validator for RelaxNG and an XPath evaluator.



The Haskell XML Toolbox bases on the ideas of HaXml and HXML but introduces a more general approach for processing XML with Haskell. HXT uses a generic data model for representing XML documents, including the DTD subset, entity references, CData parts and processing instructions. This data model makes it possible to use tree transformation functions as a uniform design of XML processing steps from parsing, DTD processing, entity processing, validation, namespace propagation, content processing and output.