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= Registration =
Please fill out [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGpFcjF1WUllWTQ2VlV5Z000UU9yX2c6MA this page] to register. Don't forget to [[Hac φ/Attendees|list yourself]] as an attendee!
Registration is via email to Brent Yorgey at
with the subject
Hac phi registration
and body containing the following information:
Food restrictions:
Days attending:
Here is an example:
Name: Daniel Wagner
Nick: dmwit
Email: daniel@wagner-home.com
Food restrictions: Metallivore
Days attending: September 2008-August 2017
Add your name to [[Hac φ/Attendees|the attendees page]] once you've registered.
Once you're registered, you'll be added to the Hac φ mailing list. We will send out useful information to all of the attendees on that list.

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Please fill out this page to register. Don't forget to list yourself as an attendee!