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Attendee list

Name IRC nick Dates Projects
Don Stewart dons 10,11,12 Hackage, ByteStrings, stream fusion
Duncan Coutts dcoutts 10,11,12
Ian Lynagh Igloo 10,11,12 GHC, Cabal, Hackage, and loads more besides
Neil Mitchell ndm 10,11,12 Yhc, Hoogle, Catch, Dr Haskell, WinHugs ...
Thorkil Naur naur 10,11,12 Integer implementation (GMP), Porting, Factorization, Puzzles
Pepe Iborra mnislaih 10,11,12 GHC, the GHCi debugger, Darcs does look sexy, infrastructure & tools.
Dominic Steinitz 10,11,12 crypto, networking
Ben Lippmeier benl23 10,11,12 GHC bug squashing.
David Himmelstrup Lemmih 10,11,12 cabal-test, QuickCheck, Hackage, cabal-get.
Ross Paterson ? Hackage
Simon Marlow JaffaCake 1 or 2 days Everything
Björn Bringert bringert 10,11,12 Hackage, libraries, QuickCheck 2, GHC
Benedikt Schmidt beschmi 10,11,12 darcs, GHC-api+Emacs, crypto
Krasimir Angelov 10,11,12 Visual Haskell, Cabal
Peter Nuttall psnl 10,11,12 Hat, maybe cabal or ghc


If you are arriving via air and want to meet up for the trip up to Oxford, add you details here, so people can arrange to travel together:

Name Airport Arrival date/time Flight
dons Heathrow 2007-01-10 6:20am QF31
bringert Heathrow 2007-01-10 8:25am SK523
pepe Stansted 2007-01-09 6:10pm 3840
beschmi Stansted 2007-01-10 6:40am 4U2332


3 of us are staying at

It's quite close to the center of town, and near the bus stop and train station.

Other close by places that look good include: