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Hac2007 peoples standing outside the Oxford university computing lab. 11th Jan 2007.

Top Row

From left: Thorkil Naur, Neil Mitchell (ndm), Ketil Malde, David Waern, Dominic Steinitz, Simon Marlow (JaffaCake), Ben Lippmeier (benl23)

Middle Row

From left: Benedikt Schmidt (beschmi), Pepe Iborra (mnislaih)

Bottom Row

From left: Ian Lynagh (Igloo), Duncan Coutts (dcoutts), Bjorn Bringert (bringert), Don Stewart (dons), Kirsten Chevalier (Binkley), Lennart Kolmodin (kolmodin), David Himmelstrup (Lemmih).


dons: Worked on the new binary IO package, and patched hmp3 and lambdabot to use the new package. Lambdabot's now running live with 'binary' state

Binkley: Worked on ticky-ticky profiling in GHC. Pending review, that code is ready to go into GHC's HEAD.

pepe: Produced some GHC patches related to the GHCi debugger, and joined forces with beschmi to integrate the debugger in Emacs, building on top of beschmi code to use the ghc-api from Emacs. A new project sponsored by Hac'07 !