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If you've registered, do add your name to the following table:

Name Nick Affiliiation Provided tshirt size Mobile #
Don Stewart dons Galois Yes
Ian Lynagh Igloo Yes
Duncan Coutts dcoutts Oxford Yes
Lennart Kolmodin kolmodin Chalmers Yes +46736223606
Pepe Iborra mnislaih UPV Yes
Ben Lippmeier benl23 ANU Yes
David Himmelstrup Lemmih Yes
Björn Bringert bringert Chalmers Yes +46704779794
Tim Chevalier Binkley PSU Yes
Andy Gill andyjgill Galois Yes
Clemens Fruhwirth therp Yes
Thorkil Naur naur Yes
Benedikt Schmidt beschmi Yes
Thomas Schilling nominolo Yes
Conal Elliott conal Yes
Russell O'Connor roconnor Yes
Ganesh Sittampalam Heffalump Credit Suisse Yes
Jürgen Nicklisch Jutaro Yes
Ivan Tarasov ivant Yes
Johan Tibell tibbe Yes
Clifford Beshers thetallguy Yes
David Fox dsf Yes
Christophe Poucet vincenz IMEC Yes
Matthias Neubauer heckenpenner Freiburg Yes
Stefan Wehr Freiburg Yes
Eric Kidd ekidd Dartmouth Yes
Marcus Uneson muneson Yes
Conrad Barski drcode Yes My Brand New Haskell Tutorial :-)
Joachim Breitner nomeata Yes



  • Igloo: 29 Sep at 21:00, Freiburg Hbf.
  • Lemmih: 29 Sep at 18:00, Freiburg Hbf.
  • Jutaro: 29 Sep at 23:09, Freiburg Hbf.
  • ivant: 30 Sep, at 8:00, from Vienna
  • tibbe: 5 Oct, at 8:00, from Zurich
  • vincenz: 4 Oct, At 23-24, Freiburg Hbf.
  • roconnor: 4 Oct, at 23:09, Freiburg Hbf.


  • Andy Gill, 29 Sep Frankfurt
  • Don Stewart, 29 Sep 8.35 am, Frankfurt
  • Thomas Schilling, 29 Sep Frankfurt Main
  • Conal Elliott, 25 Sep 11:10 am, Frankfurt
  • Ganesh Sittampalam, 29 Sep 2:50 pm, Zurich
  • Pepe Iborra, 29 Sep 8:40 pm, Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)
  • Lennart Kolmodin, 29 Sep, 12:05, Frankfurt
  • Björn Bringert, 04 Oct 18:55, Frankfurt (train to Freiburg dep 19.54, arr 22:15)


A number of accommodation options are available. To organize to share, contact other attendees on irc or via email.

Black Forest Hostel

Some people are staying at the hostel: http://www.blackforest-hostel.de/

  • Igloo, Lemmih, nominolo: 29 Sep - 8 Oct
  • conal: same, in a 6-bed dorm room, 25 Sep - 8 Oct
  • ivant: same, 30 Sep - 8 Oct
  • tibbe: 6-bed dorm room, 5 Oct - 7 Oct
  • mnislaih: same
  • dcoutts, kolmodin: 6-bed dorm room, 29 Sep - 8 Oct
  • drcode
  • rocnnor: dorm room, 4 Oct - 8 Oct (still to be confirmed)

Best Western

  • dons, andy: Best Western



  • bringert, vincenz: 04 Oct - 07 Oct


  • jutaro: 01 Oct - 07 Oct