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HakkuTaikai Attendees

The venue is not open to the public on the day of the Hackathon, so we must submit a list of names to security. If you're name is not on the list, you may not be admitted.

If you do not wish to announce your attendance in public, please email haskathon★liyang.hu instead.

Nickname Real Name Affiliation Mobile
liyang Liyang HU Tsuru Capital LLC +81 80 4361 1307
kfish Conrad Parker Tsuru Capital SG Pte Ltd +81 80 4162 1307
erikde/m3ga Erik de Castro Lopo bCODE Pty Ltd not public
kazu Kazu Yamamoto IIJ not public
tibbe Johan Tibell Google not public
lpeterse Lars Petersen - not public
TacticalGrace Manuel Chakravarty University of New South Wales not public
shelarcy KIDO Takahiro - -
tcard Travis Cardwell Yuzu Technology -
dcoutts Duncan Coutts Well-Typed -
zenzike Nicolas Wu Well-Typed -
exoticbaboon Remo STORNI University of Tokyo -
juhp Jens Petersen Red Hat -
tanakh Hideyuki Tanaka Preferred Infrastructure -
khibino Kei Hibino ASAHI Net -
master_q Kiwamu Okabe Ricoh -