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Haskell Implementors Workshop 2011

The Haskell Implementors Workshop is an informal affair with no proceedings, just talks from people involved in building tools, infrastructure, or libraries for Haskell development. The aim is for this workshop to give the people involved with building the infrastructure behind this ecosystem an opportunity to bat around ideas, share experiences, and ask for feedback from fellow experts. There is usually a mixture of short talks, longer talks, discussion and demos.

The Haskell Implementors Workshop will run again this year, co-located with ICFP 2011. A call for talk proposals will be distributed towards the end of March.

Important Dates

  • Workshop: Friday 23rd September, 2011


  • Rebekah Leslie (Portland State University)
  • Ben Lippmeier - co-chair (University of New South Wales)
  • Andres Löh (Well-Typed LLP)
  • Oleg Lobachev (University of Marburg)
  • Neil Mitchell - co-chair (Standard Chartered)
  • Dimitrios Vytiniotis (Microsoft Research)