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(added myself to the list of ICFP Programming Contest contestants)
(The time for forming teams has passed ;))
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== Interested in competing ==
Interested in competing, but need a team? Add your name and how to
contact you here, and '''start contacting people on #haskell, and this
list, to organise your team!'''
{| border="0"
! Name
! Location
! Skills
! Contact
| ''Lambdabot''
| ''Sydney''
| ''Looking up documentation''
| ''#haskell''
| ilyats
| Israel
| Math, Haskell98
| eilya497 at 013.net
| Andrew Wagner
| US (EST time zone)
| Math modelling, AI
| chessguy on #haskell or wagner dot andrew _at_ gmail
| Tim Chevalier
| Portland, OR
| Um... besides Haskell?
| catamorphism@gmail.com / catamorphism on AIM / Binkley on #haskell
| Arthur van Leeuwen
| Utrecht, The Netherlands
| parsing, language design
| earthy on #haskell, #haskell.dut
| Diego Navarro
| Brazil
| random bits of formal logic, statistics (LOTS of it, graduate-level), some random knowledge of Bird-Merteens Formalism. Oh, and economics, I'm actually an economist
| quemseatreve at gmail dot com, syntaxfree on #haskell (most often on #haskell-blah, ab_gen@hotmail.com on MSN
| Ivan Tarasov
| St.Petersburg, Russia
| Math, Haskell, some D, Ruby, some boring languages (Java, C, C++)
| Ivan.Tarasov at gmail com, ivant on #haskell (sporadically), JabberID: tarasov@jabber.ru
== How to contact people ==
If possible, mention your nick on #haskell @ freenode.org, or #haskell-icfp07 @ freenode.org, then you'll be much easier to find.

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This page is for helping Haskell (and FP) people organise teams for the 2007 ICFP contest.



Teams that competed and their final rankings.

Team Members Ranking
Basically Awesome jcd__ et al less than 15
solo r6 roconnor {- darcs get http://r6.ca/icfp2007 -} 32
Lazy Bottoms vincenz, Adept, Lemmih, psykotic, zeeeee, jethr0, Cale 56
Team PDX Binkley et al 67
TNT: Team Named Thunk timbod, mnislaih, Toxaris 80
The Church of the Least Fixed Point desp, dreamer_, lispozord, q, rraptorr 95
cdsmith Chris Smith 104
ChuToys genneth, smowton, greg 129
Instant Chaos alar @ #haskell, #oasis, #haskell_ru , nealar @livejournal.com 133
augustss Lennart 151
scsibug Greg Heartsfield 195
Pointless nominolo, Igloo, mauke 695
(unentered) Antoine, Creighton code (unranked)

The following teams sound like they might use Haskell, or FP at least:

Teams that sound like they use Haskell Members Rank
PurelyFunctionalInfrastructure (maybe) ? less than 16
The Higher order of Zeuxis ? 16
Frictionless Bananas ? 27
Side Effects May Include... (maybe) ? 29
Poor Man's Haskell (maybe) ? 252
Haskeller (maybe) ? 312
Nomadic I/O ? 578