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If you are working with Haskell and making iPhone apps, or if you intend to soon, please fill in your info below. By helping each other out, we can work more productively and have more fun.

Name Contact info Haskell-fu (0-5) iPhone-fu (0-5) Have (to share) Need Intended iPhone apps
Conal Elliott Home, blog, wiki user, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, IRC: conal 5 0 Functional graphics & GUI, misc Haskell libs, design skills iPhone basics, Haskell-to-iPhone compiler Interactive graphics toys
Chris Eidhof Home, Tupil, wiki user, Twitter, Linkedin, IRC: chr1s 4 3 iPhone experience, web programming experience, dependent types experience Haskell-to-iPhone compiler (either as DSL or GHC Core -> iPhone) Navigation-based apps (think of things like iTunes, Facebook, etc.), Games (maybe using a combination of FRP and something like arrowlets)
Daniel Peebles Home, Twitter 3 4 Extensive iPhone platform knowledge GHC cross-compiling to ARM Mach-O Nothing in particular yet
John Meacham Home, blog - - Working Haskell to iPhone compiler (jhc) Testers and Feedback to make cross compilation smoother. HOC integration with jhc. Symbolic Algebra Application, Equation Editor
Eelco Lempsink Home, Tupil, wiki user, Twitter, Linkedin, IRC: eelco 4 3 iPhone and web experience Haskell-to-iPhone with (Cocoa Touch) API intergration Nothing in particular, looking for a good Haskell use-case :)
Bernd Brassel Home,art2guide 5 4 Haskell experience, iPhone developer iPhone embedding into Haskell, good programmers audio-visual guiding systems
Martin Kudlvasr not exactly home,LinkedIn, irc: trin_cz, xmpp: trin@jabbim.cz 3 0 year of haskell experience in OpenGL and project euler iPhone basics, Haskell-to-iPhone compiler fascinated by reactive, game development
Sebastiaan Visser Projects, wiki user, Twitter 4 0 Some experience/ideas about building EDSLs. Deep EDSL Haskell-to-ObjectiveC, high-level to target GUI/animation. Nothing in particular yet. Want to have objective C backend for this EDSL.
Manuel Chakravarty Home, blog, wiki user, Twitter, LinkedIn, IRC: Chilli 5 2 Haskell EDSL & compiler know how; Objective-C and Cocoa Touch basics Haskell tools for iphone dev games & productivity apps

There are at least two ways to use Haskell to make iPhone apps. One is having a Haskell-to-iPhone compiler, which would probably cross-compile from another host environment (probably Mac OS X). Another way is to write Haskell programs that generate iPhone-compatible code when run (rather than when compiled), based on an embedded DSL, similarly to Compiling Embedded Languages.

Some helpful resources:

GHC as a cross compiler

Now that GHC can be used as a cross compiler again we should document what is left in getting GHC to compile apps for the iPhone.

  1. Can the RTS be ported to the iPhone?
    1. How much work is this?
  2. Do apps have to be signed in some way?