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There have been many ideas for improving the prelude's support for mathematics. Including the addition of algebraic classes. But the discussion is spread over years of list archives and a half dozen websites. And the discussion has never gelled.

This page is intended to collect links to past discussion, and to provide a focal point for advancing the discussion.


Libraries and proposals

Numeric Prelude

Working set of common type classes and instances.

Basic Algebra Library (BAL)

Is not in community report 2006-06.
0.04/announce.txt (2006-02)
Formerly refered to as "basic algebra proposal".

Categorical Approach to representing mathematical structures in Haskell: [1]

Haskell Prime'

Numeric classes on the Haskell' wiki

See Also


For me that probably starts with the semigroup/group/ring setup, and good arbitrary-precision as well as approximate linear algebra support.

I agree: semigoups like lattices are everywhere. Then there could be a uniform treatment of linear algebra, polynomial equations, operator algebra, etc.

MAGMA is an example of a language which embraced mathematical structure. MitchellNCharity 23:16, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

  • Aldor/Axiom may be a place to look for a good type class hierarchy