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This page collects issues introduced by moving to the new Wiki.

  • Theme: You may have a different theme from the default when you are logged in. This theme ("Monobook") does not currently work well with the front page (Haskell). To switch to the Wiki default theme, go to Special:Preferences, and under "Skin" select "Hawiki".
  • Images: Currently all Image:Foo.jpg links are broken. We're working on it.
  • Markup
    • <math> tags in source code: The new syntax highlighting doesn't support other markup inside <hask> or <haskell> tags. You can may rewrite it to use no syntax highlighting (using <code>) or perhaps use Unicode symbols instead.
    • Indentation wrong after first line: The new syntax highlighter strips whitespace only at the first line. Fix this by not using indentation in the markup.
    • Weird newline breaks in <hask>-formatted code: Another issue with the new syntax highlighter. Currently, no workaround known.

(Collect more issues here)