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Language/File format Parsers in Haskell
This page is intended to serve as a collection of links to various readily-available parsers, implemented in Haskell.
== ASN.1 ==
[[Parsec]] parser for large subset of ASN.1 grammar (circa 98): http://adept.linux.kiev.ua/repos/asn1/
== E-mail/SMTP ==
[[Parsec]] parsers for grammars from RFC2821 and RFC2822 : http://cryp.to/hsemail/
== Javascript ==
[[Parsec]] parser for Javascript 1.5: [[Libraries_and_tools/HJS]]
== JSON ==
[[Parsec]] parser for JSON: http://www.tom.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~sakai/d/data/200604/JSON.hs
Another [[Parsec]] parser for JSON: http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/3660
== Other places to look ==
Make sure you visited [[Applications_and_libraries/Compilers_and_interpreters]].
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