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Welcome to the Haskell Performance Resource, the collected wisdom on how to make your Haskell programs go faster. We have chosen to organise this resource first by Haskell construct (data types, pattern matching, integers), and then within each category to describe techniques that apply across implementations, and also techniques that are specific to a certain Haskell implementation (eg. GHC). There are some implementation-specific tecniques that apply in general - those are linked from the General Implementation-Specific Techniques section below.

Haskell constructs

 *  Data Types
 *  Functions
 *  Overloading
 *  FFI
 *  Arrays
 *  Strings
 *  Integers
 *  I/O 
 *  Floating Point

General Implementation-Specific Techniques

 *  GHC
 *  nhc98
 *  Hugs
 *  YHC
 *  JHC

More Information

 * There are plenty of good examples of code written for performance in the [The Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks]