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A design for a GUI library which is more like Haskell and less like C. To be written over Gtk2Hs.


Thoughts by

Neil Mitchell, some patches from Joachim Breitner, discussions and help from Duncan Coutts

For a darcs repo see:

In particular check out Sample.hs, I am particularly proud of the word count:

sb!text =< with1 (txt!text) (\x ->
    "Word count: " ++ show (length $ words x))


There are events, you can register to be notified when an event fires by doing

event += handler

There are variables, which have events which fire, and a value which you can set and get.

variable <- newVar "value"
variable += handler
variable -< "value"
x <- getVal variable

There are objects, objects have properties. A property is just a variable.

window!text += handler
window!text -< "Titlebar text"

There are bindings which relate variables.

-- the window text is the variable
window!text =<= variable
-- the window text is the variable, but upppercase
window!text =< with1 variable (map toUpper)
-- combine the two texts to create the window text
window!text =< with2 variable1 variable2 (++)

If any of the values on the RHS of a binding change, then the LHS is updated.