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"Tags" are a listing of code objects in a group of files, together with their precise location, often used by text editors to quickly jump around in a program. ctags (for C) was the first tag-generation program.

There are currently a number of different ways to generate tags with Haskell.

This page should be used to collect information on tag-generation for Haskell, including information on how to use tags with common editors and what benefits they can give you.

Haskell tag generators

Chris Ryder and Simon Thompson give a tag generator's source in a paper

Norman Ramsey and Kathleen Fisher's partial hasktags implementation using the GHC API is in darcs. There's also a GHC trac task relating to it.

echo ":ctags" | ghci -v0 Main.hs

echo ":etags" | ghci -v0 Main.hs

utils/hasktags from GHC.

Random other bits


:help tags-file-format
:help cursorhold-example