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Ro/Haskell Books

Would you like to add this two books, too. One of them is available on-line. Or should be from some networks. The other is presented on the main page and has a foreword by Simon P.J.




Book #1 12 oct 2008 Am primit cu bucurie din partea Domnului Conf. Dr. Mihai Gontineac urmatoarea veste:

Salut, (Hi)

Am reusit sa-mi fac update la site si cartea se gaseste pe link-ul (I have just updated my site and the book can be find using this link!)

Cursuri ProgramareFunctionala Sper ca este OK. (I jope it's ok.)

In rest (...)Spor in toate, (Looking forward to hear about you.)

Mihai (Mike :) )

Book #2

Practica interpretarii monadice, a new textbook on Haskell from MatrixRom is now available. (Romania and Moldova)

I think this page needs a serious facelift.

I've copied the old stuff and changed the formatting a little bit but I think this should probably be split up and that books and papers should have their own pages.  I don't like the formatting - it would be nice for someone to write a template to make this look nicer.

--John Peterson 04:07, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

I suggest the "Haskell Companion" is (again) added to this page. While no longer available from the original url, it is still available from

--[Vincentk, May 2007]

I wonder if we should link to ? SamB 17:19, 13 November 2007 (UTC)