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I would like to add the following to the end of this topic:

(begin proposed addendum)

Note: If you have more than one Haskell compiler on your system, use the --with-compiler option for the configure step. That will ensure that Cabal uses the correct compiler during the entire installation process. For example:

 runghc Setup.hs configure --with-compiler=ghc-6.8.2
 runghc Setup.hs build
 runghc Setup.hs install

(end proposed addendum)

Without this, I didn't know that you need to use that flag. I just ran runhaskell with an explicit path to the compiler that I wanted. Cabal then ran the wrong ghc-pkg, and registered the installation to the wrong compiler.

Question about DARCS: How does one install from a DARCS repository? In some places this seems to be a "natural thing to do" for some people but it isn't self explanatory.