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Version 0.4

  • pairEdit, pairEditM in Data.Pair
  • build-type simple
  • doc tweek DistribM & joinMM
  • DistribM export & comment tweak
  • DistribM and (m :. n) Monad
  • Functor/Functor & Applicative/Applicative tweak
  • inId2. Functor & Applicative instances for Id
  • removed r->m dep in RefMonad
  • doc tweak

Version 0.3

  • Simplified Applicative instance for (g :. f)
  • Renamed type constructors "O" and "App" to "(:.)" and "(:$)". Also include old names for compatibility.
  • Replaced the 6.6-compatible {{{OPTIONS}}} pragmas with LANGUAGE
  • Pair & Copair for Const
  • Changed functional dependency for RefMonad

Version 0.2

  • More comments
  • Added Data.Partial: partial values.
  • Data.Bijection: bijective arrows. Used in Control.Compose for composing representation transformations.
  • Using LANGUAGE instead of OPTIONS pragmas
  • Data.Pair & Data.Fun. Classes of pair-like and function-like types.
  • Data.RefMonad
  • Renamed StaticArrow/Static to OO/OO
  • Now in{O,Flip,Prod,Arrw,Const}{,2,3} (i.e., inO2 etc)
  • Sink type alias and Monoid instance.
  • Monoid_f and O instance.
  • Arrw type class with Functor & Cofunctor instances.
  • Data.Title: a titling class for type constructors. Doesn't really belong here.
  • Eliminated dependency on "mtl" package by removing a standard applicative instance for ReaderT.
  • Data.CxMonoid: context-dependent monoid
  • Type constructors :*:, ::*::, & :~>:
  • FunA and FunAble, for convenient Arrow definitions. See also FunD & FunDble in DeepArrow.

Version 0.1

  • Renamed "Compose"/"Comp<hask>"/"<hask>unComp" to "O"/"O"/"unO".
  • Renamed "onComp" to "inO"
  • Renamed "mapSrc" to "mapCur", and renamed type parameter "src" to "cur", to avoid confusion with Source in Phooey's use of DataDriven.
  • Swapped argument order to dd in DataDriven.
  • Renamed "Updater" to "Action"
  • Changed the Monoid (IO a) instance in Control.Instances to use liftA2 mappend instead of (*>).
  • Added unFlip, inFlip, inFlip2.