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* [[/Updating to GHC 6.10]]
* [[/Updating to GHC 6.10]]
* [[/Updating to GHC 6.8]]
* [[/Updating to GHC 6.8]]
* [[/Updating to GHC 7.6]]

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A list of things that need updating when porting packages to newer library/cabal versions.

If you maintain a Haskell package this is for you. For older versions of this document:

Updating to GHC 7.0

When upgrading to GHC 7.0, any of your packages that worked against the base-3 library will need to be updated to the base-4.

Compatibility with older GHC

Use cabal's conditional thingy, checking on impl(ghc >= x.yz). E.g:

   ghc-options:         -Wall -fexcess-precision -funbox-strict-fields
   if impl(ghc >= 6.12)
       ghc-options:     -fno-warn-unused-do-bind

(This is a stub, since the previous version was so out-of-date. Please help by adding useful content.)