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Euler problems

Hi Henry. Some of the problem solutions you are wondering about were actually better before User:Lisp "optimized" them. Look at the page history to check to see what it looked like before his helpful contributions. I'm trying to reverse some of the damage now. Quale 17:47, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Hi Henry, You are wondering where the "short solution" for Problem 120 sprouts from. This one was published in the project Eulers forum for this problem by jdrandall123. He did not care to explain his pencil and paperwork that led to this closed version. I had a look into it and with some pencil and paperwork was able to derive it too. Perhaps it's an idea that you push jdrandall123's post in the problem 120 forum, asking for a derivation. I'll gladly answer you there. The philosophical question that now arises is: As there exists a closed form to calculate the answer there is no need to use a computerprogram to calculate the answer. That's perfectly right for project Euler, but is there any need then to publish any solution on the Haskell wiki? hk


Re [1]:, for example, is up for me. Are you sure that that wasn't just due to Galois moving the servers? --Gwern