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Many GHC users have recently been coordinating on a time to meet on IRC to discuss topics of interest to the compiler community. This is an informal gathering to exchange ideas and views on any current issues.

When: Wednesdays, 0800 PDT / 1100h EDT / 1600 BST

Where: irc.freenode.net #ghc

Note: the meeting is in #ghc, and whilst the topics sometimes stray outside of just GHC, we would like to keep the agenda as close to GHC-only as possible


If you desire to discuss a particular topic then post it here and perhaps shoot out an e-mail so people can give it proper thought and show up with something to contribute.


Recent History

  • July 23: Should the GHC repo switch to a different DRCS (i.e. leave Darcs)?
  • July 16: The Haskell Platform was discussed including which libraries to include initially, criteria, and development process.


IRC logs can be found on the GHC wiki[1].