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  1. For Debian Linux systems (as long as there's no .deb package):
    • Fetch the rpm package from http://wxhaskell.sourceforge.net/download.html
    • make sure you have wxWidgets installed (libraries and developer files)
    • if you haven't done this already, install the debian package "alien": apt-get install alien
    • use alien to install the rpm package: alien -i wxhaskell....rpm
    • use ghc-pkg to add the packages wxcore and wx to ghc's package configuration file:
      cd /usr/lib/ghc-6.2.1/wxhaskell-0.7
      ghc-pkg -D wxhlibdir=/usr/lib/ghc-6.2.1/wxhaskell-0.7 -ai wxcore.pkg
      ghc-pkg -D wxhlibdir=/usr/lib/ghc-6.2.1/wxhaskell-0.7 -ai wx.pkg
  2. Another way for Debian systems:
    use the repository "deb http://haskell-unsafe.alioth.debian.org/archive/i386 unstable ."
  3. A way that surely works:


Getting wxHaskell 0.9.4 to work with wxWidgets 2.6 on Panther (10.3).

  • install wxWidgets for mac, wxmac http://www.wxwidgets.com
    • use the --disable-shared option for configure (this isn't needed in all cases?)
      ./configure --disable-shared
  • Make sure you have readline installed. The simplest way is to use fink or darwinports. http://wxhaskell.sourceforge.net/building-macosx.html
  • grab and install wxHaskell
  • (unique to macosx!)
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/wxhaskell/bin/macosx-app /usr/local/bin/
  • See below if you have any trouble


  • Does the darwinports version of wxWidgets work with wxHaskell? Would be nice if somebody made a portfile for it.


  • Problems compiling wxHaskell (something like the below)
    /tmp/ghc29861.s:4379: Unknown pseudo-op:

    Make sure you have at least Xcode 1.5 (gcc 3.3 build 1671). Xcode 1.1 (gcc build 1495) is not enough
  • More linker trouble:ld: out/wxc/master.o undefined symbol 36311 (__ZdaPv) can't be a weak definition

/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed make: *** [out/wxc/libwxc-mac2.6.2-0.9.4.dylib] Error 1

    • Fix seems to be to add the gcc 3.3 version of libstdc++ to your dylib: http://page.freett.com/shelarcy/log/2006/diary_02.html
    • If you use gcc 4, try to add the following linker flags "-lSystemStubs -shared-libgcc -lstdc++-static". (libstdc++-static.a is part of XCode 2.3)
  • If you get linker errors like it not being able to find _TextziParserCombinatorsziParsecziChar_alphaNum_closure, try editing config/config.mk and setting HC=ghc -lHSparsec. This is likely not a mac-specific problem but related to the use of GHC 6.2 over 6.0.1. (not sure if this is still valid)
  • When compiling your Haskell program:
    ld: /usr/lib/crt1.o illegal reference to symbol: __objcInit defined in indirectly referenced dynamic library /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib
  • Adding -framework AppKit to the compiler switches for your Haskell program seems to help
  • Certain buttons and widgets are not active

The last point is possibly a wxWidgets or a wxHaskell bug - basically, widgets in "boxed" environments do not react to user. Take out the box, and you're ok.


Installing wxHaskell is easy once you realize that the batch file (wxhaskell-register.bat) only works from folders with no spaces anywhere in the address, e.g. double clicking C:\Cygwin\wxhaskell-0.9.4\bin\wxhaskell-register.bat works but if you put the files under C:\Documents and Settings\wxhaskell-0.9.4\... or C:\Program Files\wxhaskell-0.9.4\... it might not work. Just move the installer folder wxhaskell-0.9.4 to somewhere with no spaces in the address and double-click wxhaskell-register.bat. I hope this helps someone.