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This page records some user experiences building wxHaskell on Linux. It should be cleaned up!


Built wxGTK-2.6.4 from sources with the configuration:

/usr/local/src/wxGTK-2.6.4/mybuild$ ../configure --enable-sound --enable-unicode

Add /usr/local/lib to your /etc/ld.so.conf before running sudo ldconfig after installing wxGTK.

Build wxHaskell from the darcs repository, configured with ./configure --enable-split-objs -hcprof, and follow the usual installation documentation from here on. The --enable-split-objs and -hcprof options are not mandatory, but they are nice to have

Note 2008-02-20: there was a bug that made --with-opengl necessary on some systems (depending on how wxWidgets was built), but it has been fixed

For more detailed information, see Installing wxWidgets 2.6.3 on Motif, Installing wxWidgets 2.6 on GTK+, or Installing wxWidgets 2.6.4 on X11.

Debian and Ubuntu

Ghc 6.6 version

For Debian Linux systems:

  1. get wxWidgets 2.6
    • aptitude install libwxgtk2.6-dev
  2. obtain the wxhaskell-bin-debian-gtk2.6.3-ghc6.6-0.10.3.deb package from sourceforge
    • Install it with dpkg -i

You may need to add /usr/local/lib to your library search path. You can do that by making a file called /etc/ld.so.conf.d/usr_local.conf containing:


after adding the file, run ldconfig.

Ghc 6.8 version
  1. get wxWidgets 2.6
    • aptitude install libwxgtk2.6-dev
  2. get ghc
    • apt-get --target-release=unstable install ghc6
  3. obtain the wxhaskell-bin-gtk2.6.3-ghc6.8.2-0.10.3.deb package from sourceforge
    • Install it with dpkg -i


wxHaskell is available in portage for x86, amd64, sparc and ppc

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge wxhaskell

(users of other arches should use their arch keywords as appropriate)

Fedora Core 6

There is no wxHaskell package to go with the ghc-6.6 packages. You will have to compile it yourself. This a simple matter of:

  • Installing wxGTK:
    • yum install wxGTK-devel
  • Getting the sources:
  • Configuring, building and installing:
    • configure && make && make install && make wx && make wx-install