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  1. set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background

background no

cpu_avg_samples 2 net_avg_samples 2

out_to_console yes

  1. Update interval in seconds

update_interval 1

  1. Subtract file system buffers from used memory?

no_buffers yes text_buffer_size 512

  1. MPD host/port

mpd_host localhost mpd_port 6600

TEXT ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/mpd.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)$mpd_artist - $mpd_title ^fg(#444444)| ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/cpu.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)${cpu cpu1}% ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/cpu.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)${cpu cpu2}% ^fg(#444444)| ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/mem.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)$mem ^fg(#444444)| ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/down.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)${downspeed eth0} ^fg(green)^i(/home/rtalreja/dzen/icons/up.xbm) ^fg(#ffffff)${upspeed eth0} ^fg(#444444)| ^fg(white)${execi 1800 /home/rtalreja/.xmonad/scripts/dzenWeather/dzen_weather.pl} ^fg(#444444)| ^fg(green)${time %m-%d-%y %l:%M%p}