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1 What is it?

Gtk2Hs is a Haskell binding to Gtk+ 2.x. Using it, one can write Gtk+ based applications with GHC.

2 Homepage

3 Tutorials and Demos

Some demonstration programs can be found at:

4 Status

See Gtk2Hs/Installation#Supported_Versions for details on which systems should be able to build Gtk2Hs and which are known to be able to build Gtk2Hs.

5 Installation Notes

See Gtk2Hs/Installation.

6 Demos

6.1 OpenGL and Gtk2Hs


Gtk2Hs/Demos/GtkGLext/terrain.hs requires Gtk2Hs/Demos/GtkGLext/terrain.xpm

7 FAQs

These are links to FAQS on the main site.