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The Haskell Weekly News (HWN) is a weekly newsletter covering developments in Haskell. Content includes announcements of new projects, discussions from the various Haskell communities, notable project commit messages, and more.

The Haskell Weekly News has evolved into the Haskell Weekly email newsletter available at:

Back Issues

Back issues are available:


The first issue of HWN was published on August 2, 2005. The founder, and initial editor was John Goerzen. In January 2006, Don Stewart took over as editor, succeeded by Brent Yorgey in June 2008, who was then succeeded by Joe Fredette in September 2009. In October 2010, Daniel Santa Cruz took over as editor. There were a few maintainers after Daniel Santa Cruz stepped down in early 2015, and eventually the torch was taken up by Taylor Fausak who started the Haskell Weekly email newsletter.