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This is a comprehensive timeline of I/O tutorials and related articles.

Please update this list as it becomes outdated! If you find a tutorial, article, post, comment, or message that stands on its own as an explanation of I/O, then please take a moment to paste the link somewhere on this page (register a throwaway account, if you prefer). The date, author, and blurb can be added later. This will greatly help others who are using this list as a resource for learning about I/O.

before 2000

year 2001

year 2004

year 2006

  • 2006-05 Introduction to IO - Cale Gibbard
    A quick introduction to how I/O is treated in Haskell.

year 2007

year 2009

year 2010

year 2011

  • 2011-03 My Newbie Experience With Haskell’s IO Monad - Shinobu
    "There are oodles of articles out there extolling the virtues of Haskell, so I want to limit this post to just one thing: the I/O Monad (with a discussion on bind operators, do-notation, and the return function) ..."

year 2012

year 2013

year 2014

  • 2014-02 Check your I/O - Samir Talwar
  • 2014-10 How to do IO in Haskell - Toby Goodwin
    It describes Haskell I/O (with lots and lots of examples) with an emphasis on types, rather than monad theory.

year 2015

year 2016

  • 2016-09 CIS 194: IO and monads - Joachim Breitner
    Starting with an introduction to monadic I/O using a cooking analogy, it then provides more information about the monadic interface (including examples using the Maybe and list types).

year 2017

year 2018

  • 2018-03 An impure lazy programming language - Tom Ellis
    An alternate introduction to I/O in Haskell for anyone who has ever thought of trying to combine laziness with "regular I/O" (i.e. the direct use of side-effects for input and output).

year 2019

year 2020

year 2021

year 2022

year 2023