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On June the 9th 2006, Microsoft Research sent out an advert for a job. This eventually led to AngloHaskell 2006, and much fun was had!

Doing it again in 2007 seems like a good idea, who's up for it?

Date and Venue

It's vote time! We have two offers for a venue - Microsoft Research in Cambridge and Imperial College in London. Descriptions below (feel free to edit with more info!), can people add their name below whichever venue they want to vote for, and the same for the weekend of choice?

(voting period not fixed as of this edit: suggest two weeks, which would mean ending on the 23rd of July)


Microsoft Research, Cambridge

This is where we did it last year. Talks would have to happen on a Friday during business hours. Last year we spent most of the Saturday on punting and pubbing.


Imperial College, London

(text cut from previous version of page, edits welcome!)

Matthew Sackman can probably offer the Dept.of.Computing facilities at Imperial. Very good facilities, and excellent transport links, but local hotels will be as expensive if not more so than MSR Cambridge. (Update: suitable rooms with A/V and seats etc are available fri+sat for first 3 weeks of Aug and first 3 weeks of Sept).

Do we have many people able to offer crashspace in the area? Suggestions for (affordable!) stuff to do on the non-talk day are also good.



Unless anything clear arises we'll probably go with 10-11th of August as it is both the initially suggested date and a good fit with the constraints we know of so far . If we pick Microsoft Research as a venue we'll need to do the talks on a Friday, ICL is more flexible.

Potential attendees' constraints here:

I suspect some of us will be submitting to PADL 2008. Thus the date for this should be after the PADL deadline (23rd August) (ideally etc) - MatthewSackman

I can't make the weekend after the PADL deadline (24th-26th August) - PhilippaCowderoy

Titto says "if it is in September"

Lennart Augustsson says "I can probably make August 10-11, otherwise early September"

Duncan Coutts says "The 10th-11th of August would be perfect for me."

Votes here:

  • 3-4th August:
  • 10-11th August: PhilippaCowderoy
  • 17-18th August:
  • 24-25th August (can't be ICL):
  • 31st August - 1st September (can't be ICL?):
  • 7th-8th September:

To get a potential date rolling (assuming it's doable for the venue we pick), how about 10-11th of August? No doubt plenty of objections will arise, but at least we'll start accumulating constraints! A date in August or early September seems most likely.


It's likely that there'll be people in need of crashspace and so forth, so once we've got a date and venue set it would be an idea for people to organise things here.


Per last year, all attendees should bring or make a nametag that identifies you by your real name and/or IRC name. If anyone wants to drag a roll of stickers and a pen along that'll help!



  • Philippa Cowderoy - will put myself under definite once we have a time and place
  • David Himmelstrup (Lemmih) - will put myself under definite once we have a time and place
  • Neil Mitchell
  • Ben Moseley
  • Alex McLean - very keen, can also confirm once more details are set. I would much prefer an independent or university venue rather than a 'big business' one
    • MSR doesn't really feel 'big business' - it's more or less a uni venue. PhilippaCowderoy
    • It's literally next door to the Cambridge University CompSci department. PMc
    • Well, I'm not that worried about it - Alex
  • Ganesh Sittampalam
  • Peter McArthur - I live in Cambridge, so I was gutted that I couldn't make it last year. Cambridge or London are both good for me.  :-)
  • Ian Lynagh
  • Edwin Brady
  • Claude Heiland-Allen - keen, definite (or not) depending on date/location
  • Titto (if it is in September)
  • Sebastian Sylvan - interested. It depends on the talks. I'm sure all the talks listed so far will be interesting, but if we can get one or two of the "big names" to give a talk, then it's a surefire guarantee that it'll be worth coming for, and then other talks would be icing on the cake! Personally I'm very interested in the concurrency/parallelism stuff that's going on currently (so if anyone reading this has something to say on that, sign up!). Also, might be worhtwhile to synchronise it with a bank holiday so people don't have to take a day off?
  • Lennart Augustsson - I can probably make August 10-11, otherwise early September.
  • Matthew Sackman - it's unlikely I won't be there.
  • Ben Lippmeier - If it's at MSR then I'm already there.
  • Duncan Coutts - The 10th-11th of August would be perfect for me.


Planning will be taking place on IRC as per last year: #anglohaskell on

If you're having trouble following things on IRC, the discussion page on the wiki might be a good place to leave comments and questions.

Last year we had talks in the day on a Friday, followed by pubbage in the evening and assorted activities on the Saturday. This seemed to work, any other suggestions?

As I recall, the reasons for talks on Friday last year were twofold:

  • The interviews were on Thursday
  • We couldn't use the room outwide office hours

If possible, talks on Saturday and Other Stuff on Sunday might mean more people can make it.


It wouldn't be AngloHaskell without some talks, so volunteers please! Last year we had a largely more practical set of talks than you might find at Fun in the Afternoon or an academic event. This was a good thing, and some of the best talks were from people who were far from considering themselves as experts, so feel free to tell us about your experiences.

When we have a venue confirmed, we can also put up details of the equipment available for speakers.

  • Philippa Cowderoy can give one of a number of talks, will pick one as time goes on
  • Neil Mitchell - making Yhc faster than GHC
  • Alex McLean - something related to improvising live music with Haskell
  • Claude Heiland-Allen - maybe something on embedding Haskell inside the multimedia software Pure-data
  • Lennart Augustsson - I could have my arm twisted enough to give a talk.
  • Ben Lippmeier - effect inference and optimisation, like at SAPLING

Wiki organisation

This isn't really a major point, but: it seems to me that keeping about the pages used to organise previous events is a good idea as things go on, and that this page should be used both to link to the archives and contain the current discussion. Anyone take issue with this?