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=== Possible ===
=== Possible ===
* Brent Yorgey
* Add you name here
* Add you name here
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Talks planned and/or offered:
Talks planned and/or offered:
* Brent Yorgey - could talk about any of the following, depending on interest:
** work on extending GHC core language to support typed type-level programming
** combinatorial species tutorial (preview of my upcoming Haskell Symposium presentation)
** work on diagrams library, functional EDSL for creating drawings/illustrations
* Add your name here - Add your title here
* Add your name here - Add your title here

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AngloHaskell 2010 is taking place on the 6th and / or 7th of August in (venue to be confirmed). It's free, and everyone is invited! Simply add your name to the wiki and we'll see you there.

Organisational contact: Derek Wright

Date and Venue

6th-7th of August in (venue to be confirmed), UK, starting with talks and with more planning to happen below.


Per last year, all attendees should bring or make a nametag that identifies you by your real name and/or IRC name. If anyone wants to drag a roll of stickers and a pen along that'll help!

If you can't make the start on Friday, or can only make it on Saturday, that's fine. If you're not sure where everyone's going to be, give one of the contacts a call or a text.


  • Derek Wright (Fri + Sat)


  • Add you name here


It's likely that there'll be people in need of crashspace and so forth, so please organise here! Both offers and requests are good.


Details coming soon...


Planning will be taking place on IRC as per previous years: #anglohaskell on irc.freenode.net

If you're having trouble following things on IRC, the discussion page on the wiki might be a good place to leave comments and questions.

In previous years we had talks in the day on a Friday, followed by pubbage in the evening and assorted activities on the Saturday. This seemed to work, so we'll follow a similar model this year.


This is somewhat preliminary and subject to change as talks are confirmed or otherwise, but the overall structure should hold:

Day Time Event
Friday or Saturday 10am People start arriving
10:30 am Tea, coffee and biscuits
11am Talks
1pm Lunch
2pm More talks
3:30pm Tea, coffee and biscuits
4pm Remaining talks
4:??pm Functional Grit - small talks that may grow into functional pearls. Open session, anyone can give a quick talk!
When people get hungry or the venue kicks us out Food! Likely we'll head out for a curry
Beer o'Clock When everyone's finished eating, we'll head for a nearby pub
2nd Day To be confirmed


Volunteers please! Previously we have had a largely more practical set of talks than you might find at Fun in the Afternoon or an academic event. This was a good thing, and some of the best talks were from people who were far from considering themselves as experts, so feel free to tell us about your experiences.

Talks planned and/or offered:

  • Add your name here - Add your title here


People giving talks should add these as they have them :-)

  • Title here

abstract goes here

Functional Grit

In previous years there has been a successful 'functional grit' section. Usually an informal session for people to briefly talk/demo works in progress, no need to pre-register, just turn up and talk. Think small stones that might turn into functional pearls. If there's time it'd be great to do again this year.

Other activity

After Friday's talks, food and drink would be a good idea! Curry is traditional and probably the default, but we're open to other suggestions. After that, we'll retreat to a pub for the evening.

Derek Wright