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* [[/Games/]]
* [[/Games/]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/GUI libraries|Graphical User Interface Libraries]]
* [[/GUI libraries|Graphical User Interface (GUI) Libraries]]
* [[/Graphics/]]
* [[/Graphics/]]
* [[/Hardware verification/]]
* [[/Hardware verification/]]

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Applications, libraries and tools written in Haskell.

For the latest set of ready to use libraries and tools, visit

1 Haskell libraries

The first places to look for data types or functions are:

See also Hackage and how to install a Cabal package.

2 Hackage

New libraries are packaged and distributed from Hackage

Start on Hackage if looking for a library not in the standard.

3 Haskell applications and libraries

Applications, libraries and tools for Haskell or written in Haskell:

Other places to look include:

4 Guidelines for developers

Built with Cabal

Developer guides:

Proposals for the module name space layout that can be used to guide the construction of new libraries.

5 Libraries for other languages

If you are thinking about designing a new library for Haskell, you ought to look what has been done in other languages. Here are standard library definitions for