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This page contains a list of libraries and tools in a certain category. For a comprehensive list of such pages, see Applications and libraries.


David Roundy originally developed a Bridge game in Haskell and wrote a versioning system for this project. However as time went by, the versioning project Darcs became the more important part of the development and the bridge game was stalled.
Endless Cavern
A 2D procedurally-generated cave exploration game.
Foo (abbreviation from football) is a playing machine of Paper Soccer, a pencil and paper game for two players. Written in Haskell, contains also simply interface using HOpenGL library. Provides bunch of playing algorithms.
Frag is a 3D first person shooting game written in Haskell, by Mun Hon Cheong. It uses Yampa, Quake 3 BSP level format and OpenGL. It is licensed under the GPL.
Haskell in Space
An asteroid like game
ASCII tetris in Haskell
A simple ANSI-graphics space invaders written entirely in Haskell 98. See also hackage and darcs.
OpenGL Tetris
Tetris in Haskell with OpenGL
Chess AI engine
GTK chess client
Mage (tar.gz)
Nethack clone written in Haskell
Monadius is a shoot 'em up with the selection bar power-up system for Windows, written in Haskell (now on Hackage)
Paratrooper is a simple action game that runs on Windows and is written in literate Haskell.
Roguestar is a science fiction adventure role playing game using haskell and OpenGL.
Octane Mech
Octane Mech, OpenGL Haskell based mech game
A 2-D vector graphics upwards-scrolling keyboard-controlled shooter. You shoot the enemies while dodging their bullets until you reach and defeat the enemy.
An implementatoin of xiangqi for unix, using gtk2hs + cairo
A Super Marion clone, using an SDL binding different from the one in Hackage: [1]

Further reading

Blog articles

Purely Functional Retrogames
Accidentally Introducing Side Effects into Purely Functional Code


Games in Haskell, the video
Matthew Sackman and Tristan Allwood on developing games with OpenGL in Haskell


FunGEn - a game engine for Haskell
FunGEn (Functional Game Engine) is a 2D platform-independent game engine implemented in and for Haskell, using HOpenGL. It is intended to help game programmers in the game development process, in a faster and automated way.

Note, that this is released in 2002 and currently wil not compile.