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AusHac 2011 will be held at UNSW from the 8th to the 10th of July 2011, at the Computer Science and Engineering building at UNSW (Building K17), in room 113.

Last year's AusHac was a huge success, and we'd love to make this years even bigger and better, but for that, we need you!

If you are interested on coming, please fill in our sign up form so we have an idea of numbers. Signup is required to gain access to the university network. If you're not sure you can come, fill it in anyway and leave a comment down the bottom. We'd rather be ready for too many people than not enough!

Project ideas

PlaySpace Online


Conal Elliott has designed a DSL called Shady that generates GLSL shaders. We already have a proof of concept that these shaders can be displayed in WebGL. (If you want to view this please do it in Google Chrome 12+ or Firefix 4+ on a computer with a decent graphics card.)

PlaySpace Online will be a web application, written in Yesod, that will allow people to write their own Shady effects and play with them all within the comfort of their WebGL enabled browser.

Who: Sean Seefried


Graph Stuff

What: Not quite sure yet; possibly a JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit backend for graphviz.

Who: Ivan


What: DDC is Ben Lippmeier's experimental compiler. For anyone who would like to hack on a compiler written in Haskell, but found GHC too complex, DDC is a perfect match. There are a number of open newbie bugs and I'd be happy to walk anyone through fixing them.

Who: Erik de Castro Lopo


What: I've been hacking on GHC recently. Would love to hack on it with someone who knows the code base better than me.

Who: Erik de Castro Lopo



If you're looking for somewhere cheap to stay near UNSW then there are a few back-packers in Coogee. It's about a 10 minute bus ride from Coogee Beach to UNSW. Shared rooms are AUD$30 - 40.

For something a bit further out, you could also try one of the Sydney YHA hostels. The Glebe one is walking distance to Darling Harbour, though it takes about 50 min to get to UNSW via light rail then bus. Private rooms with shared facilities are about AUD$80. Shared rooms are AUD$30 - 40.

If you want to say across the road from Central station, and don't mind hanging out with English gap-year kids, then you try WakeUp.

If you like to party then Evas Backpackers is a short stumble home from Kings Cross.

I'd avoid SydneyCentralOnWentworth. It has a pretty website but the rooms are small and dingy (benl23 stayed there in 2009)

Note that hostels tend to be busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, so it's good to book early.


For something more up-market you could try one of the UNSW residential Colleges. This site also has more links to hotels and hostels.


If you have AUD$120 - 150 per night and aren't organised then LastMinute is a good place to find a hotel. You get the best prices if you book 2-3 days in advance. Alternatively, try wotif.

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