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The base package contains the Prelude and its support libraries, and a large collection of useful libraries ranging from data structures to parsing combinators and debugging utilities. It is specific to the GHC implementation of Haskell.

This package includes the following:

and many others.


The base package is shipped alongside the GHC compiler itself, but version numbers for the base package do not match the GHC version number. Here is a table indicating which base package versions ship with which GHC. Data is taken from GHC release notes, and, since base, the file in the base package's source code. Only GHC versions in which the base package's version number was bumped are listed here. (Last updated Aug 2014.)

GHC version base version
6.10.1 (Nov 2008)
6.10.2 (Apr 2009)
6.12.1 (Dec 2009)
6.12.2 (Apr 2010)
6.12.3 (Jun 2010)
7.0.1 (Nov 2010)
7.0.2 (Mar 2011)
7.2.1 (Aug 2011)
7.2.2 (Nov 2011)
7.4.1 (Feb 2012)
7.4.2 (Jun 2012)
7.6.1 (Sep 2012)
7.6.2 (Jan 2013)
7.8.1 (Apr 2014)
7.8.3 (Jul 2014)
7.8.4 (Dec 2014)
7.10.1 (Mar 2015)

See also the hackage page for the base package.