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Potential speakers, please add yourselves to one of the lists below. We anticipate there will be time and room for everyone who wants to present. If you don't want to bother with wiki editing, email Dan (danburton.email AT gmail DOT com) and he will add you to the list.
#REDIRECT [[BayHac2017#Schedule]]
Presentation schedules are entirely tentative at this point. If you would like to present under a given category but cannot be present at the allocated time, just let Dan know. We're flexible!
Not sure what to talk about? See [[/requested]] presentations.
In tentative chronological order:
= Friday (late afternoon) =
== Professional Haskell experience report ==
* Greg Horn: Haskell for Flight Control at Kittyhawk
* Tikhon Jelvis: Haskell for Supply Chain Optimization at Target
* Presenter C: topic C
* ...
= Saturday =
== Introductory Haskell & tooling ==
* Gabriel Gonzalez: How to create a new Haskell project
* Presenter B: topic B
* ...
== Open Source Haskell project overview ==
* John Leo: Dependent Types in GHC
* Dimitri DeFigueiredo: Functional Reactive Bitcoin Trading
* Judah Jacobson: Haskell Bindings for TensorFlow
* Presenter B: topic B
* ...
== Open Source Haskell project implementation deep dive ==
* Chris Smith: CodeWorld - Teaching Haskell to Children
* Presenter B: topic B
* ...
= Sunday =
== Intermediate/Advanced Haskell & tooling ==
* John Wiegley: Putting lenses to work
* Adelbert Chang: All About Applicative
* Doug Beardsley: Real World UIs with Reflex
== Abstract concepts taught via follow-along Haskell code snippets ==
* Presenter A: topic A
* Presenter B: topic B
* ...
== Misc (theory talks, random tips & tricks, editors, continuous integration, etc.) ==
* Presenter A: topic A
* Presenter B: topic B
* ...

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